Be a Great Guest Workshop

How to land Awesome Interviews and 10X Your Chances for Getting a "YES!"

When You Attend, You Will Learn...


Being a guest on a popular podcast is one of the best ways to promote your business.


As a podcast producer I’ve received over 2500 pitches from potential guests. And I can tell you that the difference between a ‘NO’ and a ‘YES’ is often based on how the pitch is presented. 


You may be the most interesting person in the world - who doesn’t drink Dos Equis - but if your initial pitch falls flat you are not going to find many hosts willing to risk their reputation on to have you on their show.


If you want to land awesome interviews and 10x your chances of getting a “YES”  you’re in the right place. And, if you want to show up prepared, professional and ready to go for interview day you are absolutely in the right place


This short program is going to quickly walk you through How To Be a Great Podcast Guest. Follow these steps and you WILL get interviewed and you WILL maximize your appearance on interview day.


In this workshop we’re going to cover:


  • Getting Ready to Pitch
  • Pre Show Prep
  • Interview Day Prep
  • Post Show Follow-Up


Stick around until the very end of the program and you’ll also get a special PDF Download “10 Things Podcasters Look for in a Great Guest!”