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How ANY business can use content to create a micro-media empire

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Aidan is the president of Short Circuit Media. A well established marketer in the speaking industry, and a fixture at NSA conventions going back to 2011, his goal is to help clients get the attention of people who are willing to pay for their expertise.

As a scribbler with decades of experience writing compelling copy, he effectively creates content and social marketing strategies that build credibility in any marketplace.

When it comes to getting your message out to clients and prospects, technology has democracized the process and leveled the playing field for ALL businesses.

Whether you are a one person show or work at a huge multinational, you are going to use the same channels as everyone else to reach, engage and convert clients.

Creating content is important. Getting it seen is critical.

In this program I'm going to show you why you need to think like a network and program your own content as if you owned a media empire.

In just 40 minutes you will learn:

  • Why you need to think bigger
  • How to shift your mindset to approach content development as if you were a network executive 
  • The tools to simplify the creation and distribution of content to prospects across the planet

If you want to grow your business you need to extend your influence to more qualified prospects. Approach your content as if you were running a network and you'll find it a lot easier - and more fun - than you've ever thought possible.


This short workshop will show you how to get your content seen by more of the people likely to refer you to others...or hire your themselves.