Create Your Speaking Business Sales Funnel for 2021

Turn Every Engagement into Additional Opportunities

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Aidan is the president of Short Circuit Media. A well established marketer in the speaking industry, and a fixture at NSA conventions going back to 2011, his goal is to help clients get the attention of people who are willing to pay for their expertise.

As a scribbler with decades of experience writing compelling copy, he effectively creates content and social marketing strategies that build credibility in any marketplace.

There are a lot more "former" speakers than there were at this time last year. 

But for those of us who are still here - 2021 is going to be great. 

The pandemic has changed the business model. But there is still money to be made. 

Associations are still hiring speakers. Companies are still hiring trainers. Only the technology has changed. If you can evolve your skills and your business model you will do well.

Flying into town for a keynote and flying out again immediately after it ends was never a great model. It had speakers constantly searching for one-off gigs to fill their calendar. 

With virtual and hybrid events revving up,  you need to have a real strategy and system in place to turn every engagement into additional revenue generating opportunities. 

In this FREE program I'm going show you how to create your own success funnel and turn your one-off programs into multiple streams of new and recurring revenue.