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Increase your sales to hospitals two fold in 6 months!

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Dr. Josh Luke is a long time hospital CEO, health system VP and former nursing home administrator who founded the award winning not-for-profit National Readmission Prevention Collaborative. He teaches health policy at the University of Southern California and is a sought after keynote speaker for events around the globe, and advises leading health systems and hospital CEO’s on transitioning to Value Based Care and leading device and pharma companies on Selling to Hospitals in the Value Based Care Era.

Having trouble getting the conversation past just pricing with hospital clients? You are not alone! 

Double your sales to hospitals in less than 6 months by joining us for a free workshop previewing the Award Winning, “Selling to Hospitals” Master Class. The first live session sold out, so the next were by invite only.  

The delivery model has changed, so have hospitals. Do you even know who your true buyer is anymore in value based care? Find out by getting a free preview in this upcoming workshop.

This private work shop will share tactics that have never before been taught on:

  • How the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the hospitals needs 
  • Which vendors hospitals are partnering with almost exclusively and why
  • What will post pandemic needs look like and how will they differ?
  • Identifying the true executive buyer
  • Accessing campus, dealing with campus security
  • Understanding the purchase approval process
  • Executive spending limits - you MUST know them!
  • Budget allocation - which others will be threatened?
  • Identifying champions to guarantee approval
  • Nuances of non-profit hospitals vs. for profit
  • The physicians role in the purchasing process
  • Impact on other executives in the supply chain
  • The impact of Corporate Compliance pressures on sales
  • Why the approach with Academic hospitals is so different
  • The for profit challenge - getting them to spend

It is recommended that pharmaceutical sales reps, device manufacturers, hospital suppliers, staffing agencies, nursing homes, home health, care placement, home care and all post acute providers participate to stay current on how to be the provider of choice, maximize sales and drive revenue. This new course was created based on demand from clients consistently stating “we can no longer get the conversation past price with our hospital clients.” Joi this free preview workshop to learn more. 

Hosted by Dr. Josh Luke, award-winning hospital CEO and founder of the not-for-profit National Readmission Prevention Collaborative. “After presenting these secrets of the board room and back room hospital politics privately upon request to more than five clients in three years, I realized the demand was there to make these secrets and tips available to everyone selling to hospitals.”

Organizations presented to and consulted for include: Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Nutrition, B. Braun, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cardinal Health, HomeInstead, Medline, naviHeath, Stryker and many more.