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Stop leaving money on the table with one-off speaking gigs!

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Aidan is the president of Short Circuit Media. A well established marketer in the speaking industry, and a fixture at NSA conventions going back to 2011, his goal is to help clients get the attention of people who are willing to pay for their expertise.

As a scribbler with decades of experience writing compelling copy, he effectively creates content and social marketing strategies that build credibility in any marketplace.

Are you a speaker with a business model that has you jumping from one stage to another?

For a lot of main stage speakers the model works like this

  1. Find a gig (not easy)
  2. Deliver a knockout presentation
  3. Collect a check and REPEAT the process

Meeting planners love you. But do you know who loves you more? The other speakers delivering breakout sessions. Because you are the opening act and THEY are the closers. 

In this program I'm going to walk you through the process of taking your one-off program and developing it into multiple revenue streams.

This free online workshop is going to show you how to take your keynote or breakout and turn it into a giant business funnel that will fill your calendar AND your bank account faster than you can imagine.