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The not-for-profit National Readmission Prevention Collaborative will host a free online workshop previewing the Certified Home Care Fellow (CHCF) to include information on meeting the needs of the hospital in the Coronoavirus era and beyond. The hospitals needs have changed, are your adapting? The workshop is designed for post acute providers including nursing home administrators, home health Directors, assisted living, home health professionals, hospice and palliative care providers and non-medical home care owners and teams on critical updates and legislative changes impacting home based care - including various insurers now paying for non-medical homecare. 


It is recommended that healthcare executives, case managers, social workers and utilization review directors also participate to stay current on critical issues impacting hospitals, nursing homes and home based providers. This new certification was created based on demand from home based providers seeking to stand-apart from the various competition including non-licensed caregivers or fly-by-night agencies.  


Key topics covered include:

  • How the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the hospitals needs for  post acute providers
  • Which post acute providers hospitals are partnering with almost exclusively and why
  • What will post pandemic regulations relating to discharge planning and transitional care look like
  • Why certification is necessary
  • Increased referrals as a result of having the Certification Seal 
  • Best practice case studies and resources to prevent avoidable admissions
  •  New low cost resources being used to to reduce readmissions without disrupting operational flow
  • Why patients and families will be seeking caregivers who are certified


Hosted by Dr. Josh Luke, award-winning hospital CEO and founder of the not-for-profit National Readmission Prevention Collaborative.