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How successful brokers and advisors build trust, credibility & better positioning in the market

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As we face one of the worst economic recessions in generations, not only do many people have a few extra hours in their week to catch up on education as they work from home, but companies across the country from large to small are looking to cut their costs to stay afloat.

Will you step in and help or will you cross your fingers and hope they don't identify healthcare benefits, their second largest expense, as an area of opportunity for significant savings?

During the free workshop, you will learn that if you enroll in and successfully complete the one-hour online certification program you will receive a certificate, a draft press release to issue to local media as you wish and use of the initials HWC and the certification seal.

Look who is already Certified! 

Certified Advisors include:

  • Nicole Cavender
  • David Contorno
  • Emma Fox
  • Ryan Miller
  • Mark Nunn
  • Eric Silverman
  • Bill Thomas
  • Matthew White

Join this free online workshop to learn more about becoming certified. The Health-Wealth Certification is the symbol of excellence and integrity in the benefits industry for brokers, benefits advisors, TPA's, PBM's, human resources executives and anyone working in the health benefits space.