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Do it yourself strategies to get you noticed by the clients that count!

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Aidan is the president of Short Circuit Media. A well established marketer in the speaking industry, and a fixture at NSA conventions going back to 2011, his goal is to help clients get the attention of people who are willing to pay for their expertise.

As a scribbler with decades of experience writing compelling copy, he effectively creates content and social marketing strategies that build credibility in any marketplace.


Many consultants, speakers and other independent professionals  try a lot of things hoping that something works - without any real strategy in place.


It's time to stop 'hope and pray' marketing. And this program will show you how to do it yourself!


In this 60 minute program you will learn: 


  • Refine your business model
  • Create a compelling value statement
  • Killer content hacks to enhance your credibility
  • Social media advice that doesn’t waste your time
  • Shortcuts to turn your knowledge into products