7 Association Trends that Will Affect Your Speaking Business in 2020

Insider knowledge to get you ahead of the competition

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Ed Rigsbee is the consummate evangelist for member recruitment and strategic alliance success. He holds the Certified Association Executive (CAE) and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) accreditation. Ed is the author of The ROI of Membership-Today’s Missing Link for Explosive Growth, PartnerShift, Developing Strategic Alliances, and The Art of Partnering. To his credit, he has over 2,500 articles in print and countless articles electronically published.

Ed is the Founder and CEO of the 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, Cigar PEG Philanthropy through Fun, and president at Rigsbee Research which conducts qualitative member ROI research and consulting for associations and societies. He has been called “the dynamite that broke up our log jam” by association executives—rarely politically correct and almost always provocative—and from a dozen years as a United States Soccer Federation referee, Ed calls it the way he sees it. 

As a speaker one of the most important markets to crack if you want to see exponential growth in your business is the association market.

Like every other industry the association market is being disrupted. And those who don't keep up with the changes are going to get left behind. 

This 30 minute workshop is going to walk you through the 7 trends you need to understand in order to ride the wave of change and increase your association-related business in the next 12 months. 

Here are the association-related trends I'll cover in this workshop:

  • Membership
  • Technology
  • Budget Constraints
  • Greater Reliance on Non-Dues Revenue
  • Competition: Traditional and Non-Traditional
  • Culture: Getting Unstuck
  • Association Executive Job Tenure (What Keeps Them Up at Night?)